Sajha Yatayat Buses Arrive in Nepal

Sajha Yatayat announces the arrival of 16 buses which are to start pilot services in two trunk routes in urban Kathmandu Valley. Kanak Mani Dixit, chairman of the cooperative bus company, said: "At long last Sajha Yatayat is about to restart its services on a modest scale. We hope to relieve traffic congestion in the trunk routes of the Kathmandu-Lalitpur sector and also provide exemplary public transport service. Our goal is to increase urban bus ridership so that the public benefits, pollution is reduced, and bus operators are able to emerge as the central players in urban transport." 

The Euro III emission standard buses have 54 seats and an additional 15 strap-hanger capacity. The bus chassis and bodies were manufactured by Tata Motors in India, and have traveled to Kathmandu all the way from Goa. 

The colour of the new buses takes Sajha back to the original green-and-cream colour with which the service began in 1964. The evolved new insignia of Sajha Yatayat is the work of the illustrator Sworup Nishaju. The new colour scheme, based on the old design, is the handiwork of cartoonist and photographer Rajesh KC. 

Over the decades, Sajha Yatayat has been the pioneering urban and regional bus company of Nepal. In the last decade-and-half, it was affected by politicisation and overstaffing, and its operations came to a halt in 2002. The company was stabilized as a cooperative in 2011, with an Executive Board elected from the general body members. Other members are the Director General of Transport Management and the Registrar of Cooperatives.