Sajha Southasia Centre Vision

Sajha Yatayat is a cooperative established to provide efficient and affordable mass transportation options to the Nepali public. Shares of Sajha Yatayat are owned by the general public as well as the government, which is the largest shareholder of the cooperative. The mission statement of Sajha Yatayat is: "To be a leading transport service provider that provides affordable, efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable urban and inter-district public transportation services in Nepal." In addition, the mission of Sajha Yatayat is to optimise the use of the around 22 ropani of real estate the cooperative owns at Pulchowk (Lalitpur) through establishment of the Sajha Southasia Centre (SSC), in line with the donor Jagadamba Kumari Rana’s stricture that it be used for the benefit of Sajha Yatayat’s services and "for the overall public good, with full transparency".

The Pulchowk property, hitherto used as a bus depot, will be developed as an international-standard convention centre as well as civic space. This development is in line with efforts of railway and bus operators elsewhere in the world, who use their prime urban property to support their transport operations while creating a catalytic cultural and economic activity that benefits society and economy as a whole. The overall goal of the SSC project is to bring income to the bus cooperative while enhancing the cultural, social and economic vitality of Kathmandu Valley as a whole. The SSC is envisaged as a multi-purpose Centre including an international standard convention venue (including auditorium, subsidiary halls, banquet halls and breakaway rooms), proscenium theatre, museum space, public plaza, hotel, office building, underground parking, etc.

The SSC is an effort to ensure the effective utilisation of all assets of Sajha Yatayat. As the latter is developed, Sajha Yatayat may set up new depots in cost-effective locations with full-fledged facilities to accommodate the cooperative’s growing fleet. In the long term, the cooperative will have an international standard convention-cum-civic centre to its credit, which will help Sajha Yatayat’s own public transport efforts while providing an economic and cultural boost to the country as a whole. The SSC is expected to emerge as an important hub of activity for the SAARC region, while providing an important civic space for Kathmandu Valley’s citizens, while also helping financially support the parent transport cooperative.

The SSC project has received endorsement of the Government of Nepal, including through the national budget of 2072 BS (2015/16 CE), which has been further endorsed through a decision of the Council of Ministers.