To be the leading transport agency that providing affordable and efficient urban and inter-district public transportation services in Nepal, as well as flag-carrier cross border service to regional cities.
To meet achieve the mission statement Sajha Yatayat must embark on with certain some short-, medium- and long-term objectives.  The broad objectives of Sajha Yatayat are as following:

  • The short-term strategy of Sajha Yatayat is to revive its operations in Kathmandu Valley's urban space, with the aim of generating public goodwill as well as visibility, while maximizing the  sustainability factor before the organization enters into a more profitably restructured entity in the medium- and long-term.
  • The medium-term strategy of Sajha Yatayat includes the following:
    Expand urban services in Kathmandu Valley and other cities of Nepal
    Initiate inter-district transport services in Nepal
    Initiate flag-carrier services to neighboring countries.
    Optimize use of the company's Pulchowk grounds and set up operations from cost-effective locations in Kathmandu Valley and in other cities.
  • The long-term strategy of Sajha Yatayat is to provide multimodal (efficient diesel buses, electric trains and rails, tramways, ropeways, etc) transportation services and operate from various regions/provinces of Nepal.