Recall for Expression of Interest

Call for Expression of Interest
‘The Sajha Southasia Centre’ Project Development

Sajha Yatayat Cooperative
Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal


 Background and Summary

Sajha Yatayat calls on interested parties to apply for the assignment of design and implementation package for development of the Sajha Southasia Centre (‘SSC’) in its property of approximately 22 ropani at Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal. The concept of the SSC has received endorsement and support of the Government of Nepal, and Sajha Yatayat now seeks to move to concept finalisation, architectural design, financing and implementation.

The objective of the SSC project is to earn income to support Sajha Yatayat’s public service transportation activities, create a venue of value for the national economy, as well as develop a qualitative cultural/civic space in Kathmandu Valley. The SSC is envisaged as a multi-purpose Centre including an international standard convention venue (including auditorium, subsidiary halls, banquet halls and breakaway rooms), proscenium theatre, museum space, public plaza, hotel, office building, underground parking, etc.

The eligibility of candidate organisations will be evaluated on the basis of experience in design and management of international convention centres and civic spaces, including also the conversion of transportation depots and yards into successful economic and cultural venues. Sajha Yatayat seeks organisations with proven record on the design and implementation of this complex project in a way that the economic, cultural and urban planning aspects are optimised.

In brief, Sajha Yatayat would seek the following from the selected party – a detailed feasibility report including demand estimation, oversight of policy and regulatory issues, preparation of financial model, cash flow generation, etc. in conformity with the requirements of Sajha Yatayat. The party would evaluate the various structures of implementation, with pro/con analysis of options such as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT), Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), etc. Upon approval of the structuring, the party would oversee the bidding process for design of the SSC complex, design the financial package, select financial partners nationally and internationally, award contracts and carry out management and supervision of construction. (See TOR below for details.)

Sajha Yatayat is the pioneering public transport cooperative of Nepal, started in 1961 to provide safe, affordable and on-time transport service. The real estate owned by the cooperative at Pulchowk was donated by the late Jagadamba Kumari Devi Rana, with the condition that it be utilised “with full transparency, for the public good”. Staying true to this directive, Sajha Yatayat hopes to create an exemplary international venue and civic space meant to bring income to the bus cooperative while enhancing the cultural, social and economic vitality of Kathmandu Valley as a whole.

The last date for submission of expression of interest is 16 January 2017. Applications should be submitted electronically at as well as registered at the Sajha Yatayat offices at Pulchowk, Lalitpur, on or before that date. Applicant responding to the first call for expression of interest (made on 15 February 2016) would have to make a new application under this repeat call.

(Further background on the Sajha Southasia Centre concept can be found under The ‘Sajha Southasia Centre Vision’ in the organisational website


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Sajha Southasia Centre Vision